Connecting with Nobodies, Who You Are On Facebook, and Mobile StarStar Registry

Today we cover connecting with non-influencers, a facebook app that shares with you if you are sharing inappropriate info, and a great new mobile marketing technology that I think we should watch.

First up a post from Forbes about an interview from Guy Kawasaki:

I recently interviewed Guy Kawasaki at an event hosted byINFORUM at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club.

I’d heard from an entrepreneur the previous week at South by Southwest that Kawasaki is an absolute terror when you’re pitching him, so I was pleasantly surprised when he turned out to be as genial a guy as you could hope to interview.

Next up is Reppler. A tool that tells you if what your sharing on Facebook will put you in hot water. it also shares with you how you are perceived by your friends as well. Although I’m not sure how they figure that one out.

Finally a new mobile technology. The National StarStar Registry is the only place you can secure StarStar Numbers and ensure that your brand is in the hands of mobile consumers. The Registry allows brand owners to search, identify and lease Numbers and is now open. YOu can find more about this tech at

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