Do Not Track and the State of Tracking

Today we talk about the do not track list and the future of tracking. So let’s get started…

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee is preparing to holdĀ  hearings on online privacy issues, perhaps as soon as February, according to Hill sources. More here from MediaWeek.

Mozilla Corp. plans to add a do-not-track feature to its Firefox Web browser, which could let users avoid having their actions monitored online. It’s pointless to read this article as to the last line:

Mozilla said it isn’t clear if the new tool would be ready to be included in the coming Firefox 4.0 release, or a later version of the software.

Federal legislation for digital privacy is poised for a major overhaul in 2011, kindling a heated dialogue among policy makers, start-ups, and legal scholars. Read more here >>

Also I mention this post by BigHolloywood.

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