What Does Local Mean and Groupon Reality

To consumers in the U.S. and elsewhere, “buying local” isn’t a top priority in and of itself, according to a new study from Communispace. Instead, localism becomes an important part of a product’s overall value proposition when it is perceived by consumers as a means of obtaining “a high-quality, cost-effective, safe and reliable product,” sums up Manila Austin, director of research for Communispace, which employs private online customer communities to generate brand insights for marketers. Read the study here and read the best overview from MarketingDaily from Mediapost.

Social promotions such as those provided by daily discount site Groupon are more profitable for the consumers that buy them than for the businesses that offer them. That’s according to a new study from Rice University. very interesting feedback on Groupon and understanding that your value to the consumer has to go beyond special deals and offers.

And finally reality hits some people in social media. Marketers and other corporate communications professionals may sometimes feel they have a thankless task: carefully craft messages about their company’s thought leadership, social responsibility efforts and new product or service launches, only to find those messages distorted as they’re disseminated through the media. Read story here.

Also I have to recommend the book once again: It’s a Jungle in There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring.

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