How to Apply the Medium is the Message to Your Own Marketing and PR

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6 Responses

  1. rossmac2310 says:

    i really like this article. The simplicity of the message and the image of the light bulb is very powerful. A great inspiration. Thank you

  2. ScottScanlon says:

    @rossmac2310 I agree on the simplicity, I also think it puts your communication and strategy in the right frame of mind. Thanks for the comment

  3. dino_dogan says:

    I always took McLuhan’s quote to mean very similarly in the way you described. A great example are graffiti. Writing with a spray can on city walls was definitely a new medium of expression, but the content of the message wasnt really that important. The medium itself was the focus of that movement.

    This is the kind of shit I think about all the time. And dude, I know you, I’ve seen you online and I had no idea YouBrand was…you :-)

    Since we’re in Link Minded tribe together and I dont know few folks, I figured let me see what vitalyvt got me in to :-)

    Great line up in Link Minded..I will def feel way more confident and comfortable pushing your stuff via my stream. Chat soon and great job with the topic.

  4. ScottScanlon says:

    @dino_dogan vitalyvt didn’t think about graffiti that way but that’s a good example. thanks for listening also great to talk to a fellow tribe member!

  5. vitalyvt says:

    I totally agree, whether it’s a physical location or an online presence, I’m always thinking of the outcome of services and interactions between people. If no one is being influenced by your “light” then it’s time to reframe some strategies. You hit it right on with this post @ScottScanlon . @dino_dogan I don’t know if you saw that documentary called “Exit Trough the Gift Shop” – I can definitely relate with that comment and your thoughts … since wholla look at triberr

  6. ScottScanlon says:

    @vitalyvt @dino_dogan triberr I’ll have to check out that movie looks good…

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