Losing Facebook, Commun Twitter Tool, and Direct Mail

Today we talk about the terrible customer service of Facebook. I also re-mention a great tool for community management for Twitter (Commun.it) and we talk a little about direct mail.

First up is a story that broke on how Facebook takes down a page before checking (great move FB):

Got enemies on Facebook? Facebook is so eager to protect copyright that the mere accusation of copyright infringement is enough to get an account locked. Ars found this out the hard way Thursday morning when our own Facebook page became inaccessible, with no warning, no explanation, and no clear appeal process.

Then I learned about a new tool from Google that I have never heard of:

It also introduced Global Market Finder, a new free tool to help businesses identify markets with high demand for their products or services. The Global Market Finder automatically translates a keyword РGoogle gives the example of business suit Рinto 56 languages and then uses Google search trends data to see where in the world people search for the product or service.

Then we talk about Direct Mail and how it really is still effective. A post about how direct mail and digital brought this up:

The digitalization of marketing won’t trigger the end of direct mail. For most marketers, a campaign’s effectiveness is contingent upon marrying traditional direct ‚Ä®marketing tactics with digital technology. That is particularly true for new customer acquisition tactics.

Finally I mention a great tool for Twitter community management called Commun.it. I highly suggest you check it out.

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