Updated SiteLinks from Google, TLD Mistakes, and Is Google+ Already Dead?


Google sitelinksFirst up I was surprised to see the amount of real estate that the updated Google sitelinks will take up. This makes it even more important for you to go into google webmaster tools and make sure you have everything setup right. If you don’t have sitelinks for your site the answer is simple. Start building a larger brand footprint for you site and your brand (okay, not simple but simple solution but harder to carry out).

This is something to keep an eye on as they roll this out over the next few days.

TLD’s Mistake

Then we talk about the ICANN’s move to create custom TLD’s. I think this is a huge mistake and something that doesn’t pass the marketing test. We’ve trained people for years now to expect .com, .net, .gov, etc. What a mess .coke, .pepsi, .ibm, .anythingyouwant would be. I think ultimately this might be pulled back a bit as the voices are starting to grow. Only time will tell as we have a few years before this gets rolled out.

Is Google+ Already Dead?

Finally we talk about social media fatigue and whether we should call Google+ dead. If we talked about this 2 weeks ago i would have said that social media fatigue is here but Google+ will have legs. Now I’ve rethought that a bit, I still think there is a certain amount of digital fatigue (well generationally, more on that below) but I’m convinced Google+ has a steeper hill to climb.

As noted in a Eulogy for Google Plus by Paul Tassi:

But today I click on my newsfeed and see tumbleweed blowing through the barren, blank page. It’s a vast and empty wasteland, full of people who signed up but never actually stuck around to figure out how things worked in this new part of town. One simple click takes me back to Facebook, and my wall is flooded with updates and pictures from 400+ friends. This just isn’t a contest, and it never will be.

The post is a good read as it provides a different perspective than all the hype+. I was feeling this before I read this but after reading I’m convinced Google+ has more of a slog to be relevant for the average person.

Now the generational divide and digital/social fatigue. Digital natives have grown up in a digital world, they think, act, and interact with technology in a new way. They’ve adapted to it being an extension of who they are. The generations that did not grow up with a digital umbilical cord I think will always have a challenge with seeing all digital all the time as healthy. I’m not saying they wont adapt but it will take them longer and they will never really understand the young-ins. Sort of like when Elvis was around shaking his hips, that was way to much but now… there’s a lot more going on than hip shaking.

Programming note. Thank you for the feedback from listeners just like you. For now on I’ll start adding a bit more energy to the show and adding more opinion. Not my opinion for opinion sake but what it has to do with your business, what it means, and what you need to do about it. What are you thoughts about the content and the direction we take the show? I’d love to hear them, share below.

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