Demand Media, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook News, NFC, and Great GroupOn Apology

And lots of investors don’t care. I’d heard Demand’s public offering, led by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, was oversubscribed, and yesterday the company confirmed it: Demand said it had increased the size and price of the deal, selling 8.9 million shares at $17, instead of its initial plan to sell 7.5 million at $14 to $16. More here.

As of this writing, online publisher Demand Media is worth more on the stock market than is The New York Times Company. Of course, this says more about the enthusiasm of IPO investors than… more here.

LinkedIn is letting advertisers get a little more personal with its members. Starting today, advertisers can target LinkedIn users based on job title, company name or LinkedIn group level. Previously they could only target based on more general criteria like geography and industry. Linkedin Advertising.

Facebook is rolling out Sponsored Stories, a new ad format that turns your friends’ actions into promoted content. More from Mashable.

Considering how big Facebook’s mobile audience is-200 million users and counting, fast-it’s surprising that it’s taken them this long to make a mobile advertising play. But today they’ve started in earnest, with the acquisition of a small Seattle startup focussed on hyperlocal markets called Rel8tion. More from PaidContent.

Watch this… A Forrester Research report and news leaked about Apple’s forthcoming plans for the iPad2 and iPhone5 neatly intersected this week. Apple is apparently, according to an account by Bloomberg, equipping its next-generation devices with near-field communication technology. Forrester, for its part, in a report on mobile trends for 2011 singled out this technology as important to watch. More from Marketing Vox.

PR heat can produce some interesting effects, and in recent days Groupon and Living Social have both felt those hype effects in very different ways. If popularity is a rollercoaster ride, the two category leaders in social couponing have been riding on opposite tracks of late. See the Groupon Apology.

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