Your Customers and Data Overload, Social Amplification, and Insteo DOOH

What is falling victim to data overload, what is the value of social media, and a great new tool for any storefront.

First from on how data overload is causing a shift in behaviours:

After weeks of survey research, it turns out–the bounty and abundance of web data is out of control. As Google’s Eric Schmidt has been quoted, from the beginning of time to 2003, we created 5 Exabytes of data. We’re now creating that every two days–and it’s accelerating. Think of it like Moore’s law–for content. But unlike increased processor power, massive growth in unfiltered and un-contextualized content isn’t a boon. It’s a data deluge that’s drowning us all.

Then we cover how social media really is an amplifier. A great reminder comes from Techcrunch on how Twitter does not supplant other media, it amplifies it:

So did Twitter supplant mainstream media as the best source of news about Bin Laden’s death? Yes and no. Yes, many people first heard about the news on Twitter, but more often than not the original source of that news could be traced back to mainstream media.

A new product I just learned about that provides some great engagement if you have a storefront. Check out Insteo and their digital out of home display device. Essentially a TV that is socially connected… but much more.

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