EmpireAvenue, New Tool for Pageload, and Google Pictures the World

First up is a site that I recently discovered that I’m still not sure about. It has potential I’m just not sure exactly where. The site is called EmpireAvenue.com and it’s worth checking out.

Next up is a story about how Google Anlytics is adding pagload tool for your website:

Google announced this afternoon the creation of a new tool in Google Analytics, the Site Speed report. The report, which Google Analytics users must opt-into and edit their embedded javascript in order to activate, displays load times for various pages and site assets under different circumstances like location of visitor, media placement, technology used to access the page and more. The feature has been a long time coming, with variations of it bubbling up over recent months and years through Google Webmaster Tools and Labs.

Finally Google is doing something interesting. That is going into store fronts and taking pictures. Imagine this in 5-10 years, you could go from location to location and literally walk into the place you are having a meeting at.

Working right now in select cities in the U.S., Japan, New Zealand, and Australia, Google will send in photographers to take interior shots of a business; the shots will create a panoramic view will let users get a sense of the interior of restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

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