New Search Features and Too Many Texts


Image by lirmeasia

Google has release some new interesting search features. Now nothing new here but still very interesting. Check out the blog post or watch the videos below.

First up is search by image. See video below:

Next we have search by voice. I’ve tested this and it works great.

Both of these features have been seen before but not on the desktop. I’d say test them out and see if they are something you like.

Facebook Losing Members?

Very interesting on the Facebook front. I saw this story last week but didn’t mention it mainly because I thought the way they got the numbers was not a valid approach. Even more have been uncovered and it’s even more confusing. This post Available Data Shows Facebook User Numbers Growing Quickly, or Slowly, or Falling from insideFacebook dives in a little deeper. We cover that a little more on the show.

Then we talk about a conversation I had with someone locally here in MN. it was in regards to mobile marketing. Specifically SMS marketing. In talking with a local contact I gained a little insight you should think about before you implement any text messaging campaign.