How Awesome Was the Facebook Announcement and Google+ Ranks First


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Was it awesome? When Mark Zuckerberg mentioned last week that Facebook had an “awesome” release I hope he wasn’t talking about what happened on Wednesday. The features announced don’t strike me as awesome. Great additions, cool features, something useful… but not awesome.

If you aren’t sure what was release check out call your friends on facebook (powered by skype). It’s not just that there is also a group chat feature (not video) and new chat design.

There is a larger point to all this though. The announcement focused on these new features but also what is in store for social media. It goes like this… these last few years have been about growth and proving that social has a place in this world. Now we are in our next phase. This phase is social is accepted and how can it be utilized in new and exciting ways.

I agree here that there is an opportunity now that digital communication is all grown up. What that opportunity is and what people will be comfortable with is another story all together.

What Does This Mean for Google+?

I was struck on how there was an undertone of Google+ throughout the announcement. While it was played off as if it’s no big deal I do think that Facebook is a little worried.

An example of why I think this comes from a recent search I did. I was searching people who I know are active on Google+. What I found surprised me a bit as Google was displaying the Google+ profile as the top result. And in a unique and distinctive way. This result was well above Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even the persons website.

Now if you are interested in brand protection or reputation management in any way then you will have to participate in Google+ in at least some minor fashion. I think this is a smart move on Google’s part. I’ve said before it’s good to have competitors in this space and I welcome the 2 networks.

Other Stories

I also talked briefly about a story from Editor&Publisher about Time to Revive the P.M. News Product. Is this something you could apply to your own business?

Then a MIT study about how you can figure out how to get more people to install your apps. I think the lessons here go well beyond apps though so check that out.

I also suggest you check out the post No to No to Know… it’s a great motivational post and makes a solid point.

I look forward to seeing you in tomorrows show and please share with your network.

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