Use This Facebook Viral Feature About to be Shut Down and the Future of Google+


Facebook just released a feature that I can’t see being around long. Basically it allows you to send all your friends invites to your page as a notification. Powerful stuff and converts way better than anything else I’ve tried. If you use Facebook for something more than friends and family this might be a feature you want to test out. Once again this is a feature that is just asking to be abused by spammers. But maybe that might be a good thing to ferret out spammers.

Here’s more info from InsideFacebook:

Facebook now allows Page administrators to send their friends invites to Like their Page that appear as notifications, opening a new viral channel that could assist Page growth. Because these invites generate Facebook and email notifications, they are much more noticeable and could have a higher conversion rate than the Page suggestions admins could previously send that appeared in the “Recommended Pages” sidebar module that would occasionally appear. However, accepting an invite requires users to click through to a Page.

Once again a viral feature that I’m not sure how long it will be around.

Future of Google+

We then spend the rest of the show talking about Google+. What does it mean for marketers and the future of digital communication? Are we able to have 3 big social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+?

I also talk about how Google+ partially fixes the segmentation problem with social media. What if Google rolled out pages for business that allowed following segmentation. Generally people following companies for a few different reasons. 1, to get news, 2 for special deals, 3 to support the company. What if Google rolled out the ability to follow a company and you could choose why you followed. That way you only get relevant updates that you wanted.

That also has interesting implications for you as a marketer communicator. While that would be interesting there is a larger reason why I think you can’t ignore Google+– simply put it’s owned by Google. Google get’s roughly 69% of search traffic and isn’t going anywhere soon. So in a way you have no choice if you want a large part of your potential customers. We talk about that a little bit more in today’s show.


  1. True, although the future of Google is still up in the air … the power of circles is gonna get huge. I am looking forward to when they release the business version of Google+

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