Psychological Meaning of Customer Complaints and Small Steps to Engagement

We go in deep into a post I saw at MarketingProfs on solving customer complaints. Something the author Guy Winch said really caught my attention:

As a psychologist who also has a private practice, I was always struck by how often patients would discuss consumer complaints, how frustrating they found them, and how helpless they felt about tackling them. I would often coach them through it (when the issue/complaint was meaningful enough-I give several examples of this in my book) and was always amazed at the impact getting the matter resolved had on their self-esteem, mood, and mental health. More here.

Next we talk about how this post on 5 small steps journalists can take to build a bigger, more engaged audience can help in business marketing as well. We talk often about being a creator and thinking of yourself as a media company. Well this post is perfect for that.

Traffic on news sites isn’t just about page views and unique visits; it’s about people. To build an audience, you have to engage with your site’s users and develop strategies to help you maintain your current audience and attract new audiences, by giving them reasons to keep coming back. More here.

We also talk about how Twitter is adding a Follow Button.

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